Farmer’s Kids Corner

Design Team: Niki Collier, Tania Stancheva, Silvia Harizanova,


The Farmer’s Kids Corner is inspired by the generation who embraces globalisation by going back to nature. The movement which encourages solutions with awareness of ancient skills.
The corner is designed using the ancient crafts of woodworking and feltmaking and just the two materials: wool and wood.

The furniture pieces: a non- technological laptop, a blanket Diadovata Rakavicka and a lamp stand with interchangeable shades are all designed to inspire learning in a tongue in cheek play.  They prompt you to have a go in making one your self. They all sit on oversized ancient spindles that look just like the ones our grannies used to spin wool.

Just as an extra twist the blanket tells stories recoded by 4 Bulgarian grannies living in Dublin.

The project is a collaboration between Tania Stancheva & Silvia Harizanova from Bulgaria and Niki Collier from Ireland.