Alice In the City

Alice in the City AW 2014

a photoshoot in collaboration with Beta Bajgartova 
This is a story about a day in our lives. Because Wonderland is any city and the nooks and cranks around us are our rabbit holes where magic happens daily.

Four extraordinary women. Four handmade garments. Four daily chores. Four hours of the day.

They are successful, strong and beautiful. They have known- death, dogma, devastation, divorce abuse and have not let these define them. They find strength in the simple moments in their life and try to make meaningful choices in their personal & professional lives.

This is the story of  Alice in the City. It shows everyday life scenes, which carry magical magnitude to the women in them. The scenes are part of everybody’s daily life: going to work, collecting children from school, going to the gym and socialising.

These are the stories of four  women who have four things in common: that have overcome the unspeakable, they make career and personal connections with integrity, they are involved in their community and they choose what they wear with passion for artisan craftsmanship.

This is the story of Alice in Dublin.

A style icon on way to giving her lectures in Trinity. In other words, a Trinity lecturer who embraces crafted one off pieces. In other words, a woman who lost her dad and family fortune at the age of 16. She is wearing the Crop Circles Jacket made from local breed luxury wool with laser cut lace leather panel.

A yummy mummy on the way back from her consultancy paediatrician job in Laura Lynn.  In other words, a consultant paediatrician who likes fashion. She was the young doctor who found that some battles you lose and all the talent and skill cannot help you to win them. She is wearing the Future Coat jacket made from dyed Merino wool with a zip detail.

A beauty taking an hour to herself after teaching in a primary school in Dublin. In other words, a primary school teacher who wears luxury pieces with confidence. She was the woman who had to realise that love does not always win, but is still her choice. She is wearing a silk and luxury local wool breed hand moulded merino sleeves.

A sexy lady meeting some friends for drinks to celebrate her family business success. An influential business woman who wears bespoke pieces. She was the girl that had to run away from Ireland to rebuild herself from childhood that is not one we picture for children. She is wearing a coat with hand knitted sleeves with leather detail enclosure.

See them as you choose. Each side of their story is explaining the other.

The photo shoot  is with photographer Beta Bajgartova, hair stylist Mark Hardigan, makeup artist Dolly Buckley,  stylied and accessorised by Niki Collier.


Design House Photoshoot Special in CafeEnSaine- Handmade Felt Spring Jacket- Niki Collier
Photo : Beta Bajgartova Muse: Naomi O’Brien Gargan
Niki Collier One Range Lr
Photo Beta Bajgartova Muse: Elisa Daly
NikiCollier-FutureCoat lr
Photo: Beta Bajgartova Muse: Joanne Balfe
Niki Collier- CropCircles lr
Photo: Beta Bajgartova Muse: Sarah Quinn