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Cheryl nikicollier
Cheryl and Niki Dublin Maker 2014

Cheryl  and myself love fashion stuff that Does things. So we went to Dublin Maker to tell your grandma’s stories using smart technology.

I met Cheryl at TOG figuring out what makes Andruino thick. Sharing curiosity for all small things that make clothes toys and adornments useful, we buddied up to tell stories, but using technology and in particular smart textile gear as part of the narrative.

Kelp Jewellery that Predicts Rain

Like all true Irish we have something about the weather.
Do you know how Irish folk used to predict the weather before the Internet? be
fore radio? and before tools? Simple, they used what they have a lot of- the flora of the sea. Our grannies used to put seaweed on their porch and if it gets wet they knew rain is coming.
This is a kelp necklace. It has been hand felted. It uses a humidity sensor. When the humidity changes to a level closer to raining the LEDs, felted inside the beads light up. They are programmed to twinkle in the manner raindrops come one after the other.
It’s a great statement piece for those special summer parties, horse racing events or the bride that likes things just so.

The prototype of this piece was designed by Niki, a later version was collaborated with Nicola Brown. The tripple collaboration piece was included in Common Ground exhibition.
Gear: Lillypad Gemma, LEDs, resistors, battery.

Torque Necklace that Cures Coughs

TorqueNecklace-NikiCollier CherylHarding
Our second piece is another Irish institution.
You have a problem? Your mammy knows better than you: What your problem is; Why you have it and Whose fault it was. Right? And if you had listened in the first place….
People used to put a red flannel on their chest when they had a cough, believing that it helped cure the cough. Red flannels were also used on trees to protect them from frosting.
This is a hand felted piece using shibori techniques. It is red just like the red flannel. It is programmed to detect your cough and start giving you a piece of advice like your mum would: ‘You would catch your death, you never wear your coat!’’.
The necklace is geared with tilt switch and sound sensor, when we cough they are activated and the speakers start giving out like your mother.
Gear: LillyPad, Resistors, tilt switch, sound sensor, speakers

Vest that Warns You of Boss’s Presence

The vest warns you if your boss is behind your back. 10378153_675858862483922_9189754761007344469_n
There is a belief that the hairs on your back curl when somebody is standing behind you.

We created a vest that uses this belief to warn you if somebody is watching you behind your back.
This vest has a motion sensor which is mounted on your back. If somebody is standing behind you it activates a mechanical vibrator which is mounted on your back. So just like in the tale, the hairs on your back are moving.
Gear: LillyPad, Resistors, tilt switch, sound sensor, speakers