Niki-Collier- By Beta Photo
photo: Beta Bajgartova

Niki Collier’s  is a Dublin based designer/maker who explores sources of empowerment and balance within us and around us. She uses fibre art and wearable technology to comment on interrelationships between emotions & cultural constructs.

Her  most recent work was H is for Hope exhibition of 10 one off garments made from moulded wool. The series of garments is the base for ongoing collaboration between her and the photographer  Beta Bajgartova. A photo from this work  was curated for  an upcoming book on international textile artists.

It has also resulted in a special  commission by the Bulgarian Embassy  in Ireland for a present for H.E. Michael D Higgins and the First Lady.

Niki’s working on a series called Inside  Out and Inside In at the moment for an invited solo exhibition at Design Week,  Bulgaria.