H is for Hope

A95A8063bsend LR The H collection of garments explores the transformation from Horror of Devastation to the Strength of Hope and how we are Heros in each step of our journey.

This is the post-apocalyptic world devastated from virus attack. You could see the viruses on the wall hovering over everything. The pieces are bursting with colour in contrast to the colours of the warrior women clothing.
Pieces Description

The clothing is designed in undyed wools using various techniques to showcase a mood. We have the fragile texture of Devastation (1), where all that holds us together is a lace like structure of what once was. This is followed by the Chains of Doom (2), where we are held down by the weight of all we need to process. After that we gear with some lattice created from remnants and damaged treasures  (Us 3)
A95A8207send (fuzzy) LRjust to be pulled down by the Ropes of Reason (4).`There is a moment in which we are strong enough and the Wings of Hope (5) shine through. From there on through the Structure of a battle (6) and the community of a City (7) we come to the completeness of Peace.(8).

My inspiration for the H collection comes from my favourite moment in the film The Matrix where Trinity rises from the bottom of the stairs. We can see the transformative power of turning horror into hope.  And somehow in each step of this transformation we are seen as Heros.

The visual narrative of the pieces is defined by intertwining effects using both lace and surface structuring created by overlaying of fibres and revealing them through different surface techniques” says Niki.

Niki Collier’s work evolves around traditional textile crafts blended with wearable technology in strong tailoring and contemporary narrative inspired by the city and the city folk.



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